Herd Behaviour

In this section you will find various activities to identify behaviour in the herd.  You may want to note what you see down, or you may like to talk about it with someone from your household.  You don't need to be "horse savvy" to complete these activities- it is about what you see. 


Make sure you scroll down to see all of the activities.  You don't have to complete them in any particular order.



Activity 1

Calm and Focus


Take a look at the pictures below and choose one to focus on.

What do you see when you first look at this picture? (you can note these down or talk about it with someone in your household)


Take another look at the same photo and take a little longer looking at it.

What else can you see?


Try repeating this a few times and notice how many more things you see each time.  How do you feel?


If you enjoyed this activity you can try it again (now or another time) with one of the other photos. 


You could do this with members of your household, note down your answers and compare at the end.  Did you notice the same things? Did you notice different things? Did you notice the same things at the same time, or at different times?


Activity 2

Body Language


Take a look at picture no 1 and then repeat for picture 2 & 3


What body language can you see? 


*Hint* Take a look at the horses ears, eyes, nostrils, body, if they appear still or moving.


Remember this is about what YOU see in the picture.  You may like to talk this through with members of your household as they may see things differently or you may see the same thing.

Activity 3

William and George


Watch this short clip of William and George.


What do you see?


What do you notice about their body language?


Did either horse move their feet?


What else do you see?


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