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"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." - Winston Churchill


At New Horizons EAL we aim to offer you an experience through horses that can help and enhance you in life.

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What is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)?

EAL is a method of developing self awareness through the company of horses.  It is a non-confrontational, non-directive form of learning through experience which encourages people to identify behaviour and the changes they may need to make without "being told what to do".  Facilitators create a safe environment so that the learner can work things out for themselves.


Read more about EAL here.

Why Horses?

Horses are social animals with individual roles within the herd.  They have their own personalities and moods and they have very successful, non-verbal communication based on body language and energy.  This all reflects the individual's role within society.


Horses are non-judgemental and have no pre-conceived assumptions that might limit the learning process.  They do not judge according to our appearance, the colours of our hair or our history.  They do provide instant feedback based on our energy 'in the moment'.

Who can EAL Benefit?

Equine Assisted Learning can be of benefit to everyone.  At New Horizons EAL, we work with children, youngsters and adults from many different backgrounds and with various needs.  Asperger's Syndrome, ASD, ADHD, learning difficulties/disabilities and challenging behaviour are some of the areas we are experienced with.  


Over the last few years, we have worked alongside organisations to support and enhance skills for adults in the active stages of recovery from addition and those who are unemployed.  We also work closely with individuals and families to build relationships, self-esteem, confidence and those who have suffered bereavements.


By engaging people in learning and discovering strengths and weaknesses EAL can develop skills such as leadership, decision making, stress management, lateral thinking, planning and motivation, goal setting, and team integration.

Support Us/Donate

We are a non-profit organisation and there are many different ways that you can support us if you wish.



Whether it be with general horse care or session volunteering, we are always looking to add more people to our small team of volunteers.  Horse experience isn't necessary but is a bonus although we do run volunteer training sessions throughout the year to familiarise our volunteers with our horses, our horsemanship methods and how we run sessions.


If you are interested in volunteering the please email hannah@newhorizonseal.org.



We can now accept online donations through paypal.  Please click the button below if you wish to make a donation.



Alternatively, you can donate towards our current crowdfunding project here.



EasyFundraising is a great way to shop online (and now offlne too!).  If you shop via their website or download their task bar then the company you are shopping through will make a donation to New Horizons EAL CIC.  This is a great way to make donations, thousands of shops have signed up to it too.  If you would like to get involved with EasyFundraising then either click on the button in the side bar or alternative click here to be taken to our fundraising page.

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