Just to say that we all had a fantastic day on Tuesday, for the first time in his life he said thank you to me for taking him.  He doesn't do thank you's!  It's given him food for thought... These children have to learn to care for others because it isn't in their make up.  When we were driving home he said that he had learned to care for the horses and it needed to be done because they were living things and had feelings.  I was very shocked because he doesn't acknowledge feelings!  Job done I think!

Jill, mother of 11yo boy with Aspergers Syndrome

Thank you for the difference you have made to all our lives.  He enjoys his weekly sessions so much and the impact it makes on our daily lives is fantastic.  He had begun to show more empathy and control over his impulses - and often talks of his experiences with the horses.  We, in turn have begun to relax a bit more and not on the edge all the time. "It's very telling that he is starting to be invited to birthday parties now.  Thank you for all your kindness and patience.

Tina, grandmother of 10yo boy with ADHD

It's (Saturday Club) really good and I really enjoy it and it's really fun.  It's relaxing with the ponies and they calm me down.  All the staff are kind and helpful and they listen to me.  They don't push me to do things I'm not ready to do and I can choose what I want to do from the list of A Safe Environment or Hore Care.  I feel really pleased when a task is signed off and I'm looking forward to earning my certificates.  I've learned to focus just on my pony so that it will follow my commands.  It's worthwhile parents paying the money because they know their child's going to have a good time.

Madeleine, aged 14 with Aspergers Syndrome

Thank you for a lovely day.  I know it was cold but the children did not seem to notice and the parents were full of praise for the way the day was organized and run.  They felt that the individual needs of their children were taken in account and they did not experience any negative behaviour from their children because the day was paced to suit them.  All the children who attended would like to come again.

Group Leader


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